Monday, October 17, 2005

They've done it before... they'll do it again.

Those folks over at "Destructive Comics" seem intend on messing with the toys so no-one can ever play with them... killing the franchise is what it's called. Take this long running, popular character. This is what it looked like in the best selling Quality era.

"Death-toll Comics" bought the title when Quality closed their doors in the '50s.

But hey, let's change the uniforms and make tha adventures even MORE juvenile....

...until... the FINAL indignity..... possible the most laughable 12 issues of ANY comic title.

For SOME UNKNOWN REASON, despite the "Go-Go checks" on the cover, and "spiffy" new uniforms... well, the guys never fully recovered and the book was cancelled soon after.........
Subsequent incarnations have been less than adequate from the folks at "Defective Comics" *sigh*

PS. They killed Sue Dibney, The Elongated Man's wife of many, many years. What did she do to deserve this? First the Blue Beetle, now this? What are they gonna do next? This is really starting to tick me off....
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