Monday, October 17, 2005

More Charlton Horror!

In this HORRIFICAL-type issue - "Homeward Bound" by PAM, "Curse of the Hanging Man" by Staton and Alascia and of course, the cover story, "Waiting Noose" by Steve Ditko.

In this TERRORFY-ing issue - "Dead Man's Eyes" by Joe Staton and "Last Garland" by Steve Ditko.

Behing this Tom Sutton LURKS "Sacred Cat Of Set" by Nicholas & Howard, "Arena of Lost Souls" by Pellowski & Vosburg and "Treasure Seekers" by Gill and Newton. Stellar issue!
Doctor GRAVES #45!

Stalking through this macabre issue - "Evil Prowls The Night" by Kim, "Satan Is Free" by Boyette and "A Little Of This, A Little Of That" by Steve Ditko. Check out that painted cover by Tom Sutton! Yow!
Doctor GRAVES #52!

An artistic tour de force by Tom Sutton on this 22 page full length issue starring Dr. G his bad self... cool stuff!
Doctor GRAVES #61!
These last 3 books are as good as anything Marvel put out in the same period, and WAY better than DC product of the same time too. So there!
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