Monday, August 18, 2008

Horror Stars on OTR

Well gang, it's your old pal Hyper Dave with a little midnight treat for those of you, like me, who love the old classic Hollywood horror films of the 1930's, 40's & 50's - and the stars of these films: Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price. I'll watch ANYTHING with one of these actors in it, and I mean ANYTHING. It should then come as no surprise that this fearsome foursome also appeared on radio in similar roles to the ones they played on the big screen. So here's 13 different radio shows featuring these guys strutting their stuff, and as an added bonus, one of them also features that other notable horror actor from the same period, John Carradine starring with Lugosi in "Mystery House".

Peter Lorre in the MOST EXCELLENT episode of SUSPENSE from Jan. 19th 1943 "The Devils' Saint.

Peter Lorre gives an amazing performance in Mystery in the Air from August 21st 1947 episode "The Horla".

Peter Lorre in Mystery in the Air from Sept. 4th 1947 - "The Mask of Medusa".

Peter Lorre as Spike Jones' "musical" guest on "Spotlight Revue" from 1948. This has to be heard to be believed!

Boris Karloff reprises his stage performance in a radio adaption of "Arsenic & Old Lace" from 1946.

Boris Karloff in "Creeps by Night" from May 7th 1944.

Boris Karloff plays "Happy Sam, The Record Man" on "The Jimmy Durante Show".

Bela Lugosi and John Carradine in the off-the-wall classic, "Mystery House - The Thirsty Death".

Bela Lugosi in the Feb. 2nd episode of SUSPENSE "The Doctor Prescribed Death".

Bela Lugosi pretty much scares the crap out of an innocent Beverly Hills shopper in an episode of "Candid Mike", precursor to "Candid Camera"

Vincent Price as a crazed musician in the June 1st 1944 episode of SUSPENSE "Fugue in C minor" with Ida Lupino.

Vincent Price as a yet another crazed musician in "Hollywood Star Time - Hangover Square".

Vincent Price in "OBSESSION - Paranoia".

PS. Someone asked me what I thought of the new "KIRBY' book by Mark Evanier....
As The King himself once said - "Don't ASK - Just BUY!"
Possibly the best book on a comic creator, and the reproduction and design are superb.
No true Jack Kirby fan should be without it.
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