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Gold Key "Virtual" Spinner Rack

Once again, a "virtual" spinner rack with links to downloadable pdfs of the books.
I tried to select according to taste, for variety and interest, subject to availability.

City Surgeon - Probably THE weirdest one-shot i've ever seen from Gold Key. We love that unbelievable cover, but the interiors are by Jack Sparling - not our favourite artist. Was this written by Gold Key's version of Joe Gill, the prolific Paul S. Newman?
City Surgeon

Man from U.N.C.L.E. #22 - Who does the art in this? I'm pretty sure he worked on the later issues of M.A.R.S. Patrol as well. And who does the writing for this stuff? Newman again? The story is a pretty off-the-wall tale involving space aliens in league with THRUSH.... all this and a Jet Dream back-up strip!
Man from U.N.C.L.E. #22

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #22 - Reprint of an earlier issue, solid art by Albert Giolitti. I must confess that he's one of my favorite Gold Key artists, and I grew up enjoying his work in this title as well as Star Trek, Turok, Twilight Zone, Boris Karloff and his adaption of King Kong.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #22

Mighty Samson #22 - (Reprints #5) Great stuff from Otto (Bizarro) Binder and Frank (Red Sonja) Thorne....
Hmmm, now that's an idea, Bizarro Red Sonja....
On second thoughts, strike that.
Mighty Samson #22

John Steele - Another wacky 60's Gold Key one-shot (well, technically, there is that "Freedom Agent" one-shot with the giant chicken cover that features John Steele, but it's also Number 1). Personally, I think they should have called him Rod Steele (or Mark Thrust for that matter), they would have sold more copies.......... but that's just my opinion.
John Steele

Twilight Zone #13 - Oh man... for a while there in the early and mid-sixties, you'd NEVER know who would turn up doing art in Twilight Zone, Ripley's Believe It Or Not or Boris Karloff. This issue features a "Mars Is Heaven" knock-off "Way Out West - On Mars" by Reed Crandall. While the story is so-so (except maybe the last panel), the art is SUPERB.
Twilight Zone #13

Dr. Solar #11 - Probably one of the stranger issues of Dr. Solar, as he suffers from a string of bizarre side effects (giantism, amnesia) brought on yet again by his "powers". Goofy fun.
Dr Solar #11

Thriller #2 - Solid stuff by old hands George Evans, Mike Sekowsky, plus probably the best Albert Giolitti art i've ever seen. After the TV show "Thriller" was cancelled, the title morphed into the long-running "Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery" (see a previous post for more of these).
Thriller #2

On The Floor -

Phantom #13 - I'll be honest here... I feel that the Gold Key incarnation of The Phantom's 1960's 4-color adventures to be the most lack-luster of the bunch - Gimme the Charlton issues by Jim Aparo any day (see below).
Phantom #13

Dr. Spektor #11 - More weirdness from the under-rated Don Glut with the lush brush stylings of Jesse Santos (Dagar, Tragg).
Dr. Spektor #11

Turok #57 - Reprints. GOOD reprints. Honk!
Turok #57

UFO #1 - 64 pages of pre-X Files saucer-noia, Lotsa different artists in this one.
UFO #1

PS. While I want to fill these requests i've been getting, some of you guys NEED TO READ THE SMALL PRINT! To quickly re-cap for those who came in late: lots of files stored online. File storage service changed to social networking site. Files lost. I'll do what I can, but I also have a life. I do this for ME, not for you. Don't be so needy. You guys should see some of the comments I dont approve... I really wonder how many people on the planet would fail a Voight-Kampff test (if you don't know what that is see link below), and don't whine, it's unattractive!
I've said it before, and i'll say it again - Don't make me throw you down the stairs!

PPS. My NEW favorite blog has GOTTA be Total Dickhead,

but Plan 9 comes a close second... and remember kids - "The best way to ask for beer is to sing out for Ubik. Made from select hops, choice water, slow aged for perfect flavor, Ubik is the nation's number one choice in beer. Made only in Cleveland."

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