Monday, January 15, 2007

You're killin' me over here!


PS. i can tell that some of you are still having problems with downloading. Boy can i tell. i've checked, and everything is fine. Really. I wasted an hour or so this morning over complaints that were ultimately, nothing to do with me. Please do keep in mind that i'm only a purveyor of low-rent schlock pop-culture, not your personal I.T guy or some kind of 24 hour help-desk for your computer problems. If there's a bad link (that is to say, "file not found" , crappy HTML or the like - do let me know), but if you can't download the whole pdf from a working link, it's really not on my end, so cut me some slack....OK?

PPS. Just in case nobody knew this (and i'm sure most of you do) writing comments in all capital letters is the online equivalent of screaming. So cut it out.
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