Thursday, December 28, 2006

Re-posted - more spy and war books from Charlton.

Firstly, a couple of selections from Charlton's "Space Adventures" #57 (as my copy is missing some pages - you only get two of the stories). Pretty nice art on one of these tales is by Rocke Mastroserio......

Space Adventures 57

Fightin' Marines 116

Fightin' Marines 118

More War from the "Big C" - with excellent art by the usual suspects, Pat Boyette, Tom Sutton (cover to #116), what looks like an inking job by Wayne Howard, and surpisingly, a cover by Marvel Comics stalwart Dan Adkins for #118 - plus Love Diary Issue 66 with art by Fred Himes behind a really cool Jim Aparo cover.

Love Diary #66

Plus i'll also re-post this 60's classic (since we're on the "cold-war-secret-agent-named-Steel(e)" kick.

Sarge Steel 5
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