Monday, January 08, 2007

But wait - something NEW has been added!

So here's a new twist. I encoded these from cassette, and the sound quality is pretty darn good.

First up, the LUX PRESENTS HOLLYWOOD adaption of the classic Humphrey Bogart film, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" from the novel by the mysterious B. Traven.
Bogart's performance as the slimy Fred C Dobbs. is indeed a career highlight.

Lux - "Treasure of the Sierra Madre"

Next, two oddities i've never seen anywhere on the 'net before - a wierd promo spot for the 1940 version of "One Million Years B.C." and an ad for the same. Enjoy!

Promo spot for "One Million B. C."
Trailer for "One Million B. C."
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