Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Thrilling Halloween!

Yes folks, 'tis the season to be jelly. It's Halloween all October around these parts - time for the ol' datajunkie fright-fest spook-rally shock-o-rama horror-thon of all things creep-a-licious. Let's jump in the trusty wayback machine and check out these two radio thrillers from the 1930's - "The Hermits' Cave" and "The Witches' Tale".
Both are pretty creaky and melodramatic by today's standards, but if you like the old-time horror in the "Weird Tales" vein, you should check these out.

Episodes in this file (in no particular order) are -
"Blackness Of Terror", "Strange Thing", "Lost Lands Bluff", "House Of Murder", "Reflected Image Of The Desert", "Story Without End", "Notebook On Murder", "Plantation Mystery", "Mr. Randall's Discovery", "Cask of Amontillado", "Buried Alive", "Spirits Of Vengeance", "Nameless Day", "Author Of Murder", "House Of Purple Shadows", "The Black Band", "Vampire's Desire", "It Happened On Sunday", "Spirit Vengeance", "Search For Life", "Fever", "Devil's Scrapbook", "Hanson's Ghost", "House With A Past", "Man With White Hair", "Lost Black Crow Mine." and "From Another World".
The Hermits' Cave

Episodes in this file (again, in no particular order) are -
"The Mannequin", "The Knife of Sacrifice", "Priest of Beckett", "King Shark God"
"The Devil's Number", "The Wedding Gift", "Tourists Accomodated", "The Wonderful Bottle", "The Firing Squad", "The Altar", "The Power of Lucifer", "Four Fingers & A Thumb", "The Statue Of Thor", "Boa Goddess", "The Troth of Death", "The Devil Doctor", "Haunted Crossroads", "The Suicide", "In the Devils Name", "Spirits Of The Lake", "Bronze Venus", "Frankenstein", "The Devil Mask", "The Entomologist", "Physician To The Dead", "Happy Ending", "The Puzzle", "Rockabye Baby", "The Violin", "Flying Dutchman", "House Of Bridegroom", "Trough Of Death", "The Wonderful Bottle", "Graveyard Mansion", "Share & Share Alike", "Hairy Monster", "Rat In A Trap", "The Gypsy's Hand", "The Confession" and "The Werewolf".
The Witches' Tale
... and here's a nice photo of the actress who played The Witch in the mid 30's........
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