Friday, May 05, 2006

Tom Sutton, Weird Tales Of The Macabre #2 & Nightmare #7!

Sheesh - who woulda thunk i'd be doing requests... but there ya go. I must be in a kindly mood of late, so pester me while you can (and while i'm somewhat responsive, believe me, it won't last forever).

I'm pretty sure this issue of Seaboard (Atlas) Comics' short-lived horror title contains one of the best horror stories to appear in comics..... EVER! It's the touching tale of a small lonely boy who.... well, read it yourself.

There's also some other nice stories and art, especially Pat Boyette, but this is just AMAZING stuff by John Severin. That "Glow in the Dark" Monster kit ad is really there right before the story in the actual magazine folks..... i bet someone had a laugh about that in the Atlas office....(probably Jeff Rovin and Steve Mitchell, i would guess...)
Weird Tales Of The Macabre #2!

Tom Sutton is probably THE most under-rated comic artist of all time. Most folks probably don't know who he is, and if they do, they're probably more familiar with his work at Marvel or DC. The thing is, Tom toiled long and hard in the fields over at Charlton, doing amazing work (at lower page rates) for the sake of freedom of artistic expression. i may have a bit of a hard time convincing some of the worth of this artists output, so i've put a few things together, just to prove my point. Apart from some spotty fanzine coverage, there just isn't that much interest... which is a shame.
Check some (or all) of this material out, and see if you don't agree with me, that Tom Sutton is indeed, truly one of the unsung masters of the macabre....
Part 2 coming soon....
The Art of Tom Sutton 1

More Skywald fun, by request-a-mundo!
Nightmare #7

PS. Savefile works fine for me on three different computer/I.P.s.... go figger....
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