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While Russ Manning was well known for Magnus, Robot Fighter and Tarzan, he also did some other one-shots at Gold Key, including a wonderful adaption of this film starring Guy (Zorro, Prof. John Robinson) Williams. This is the real stuff kids!

Due to a bit of of a minor foul-up on my part, some of the scans of this book didn't turn out at all and i didn't check them before it left my hands... but i was lucky enough to have some of the stories reprinted in black and white in a Stanley Morse 60's horror magazine, hence the switch from color to black and white in this file.... take it or leave it folks!

What can i say... THE team supreme..... these two men changed the face of modern culture over and over without even breaking a sweat! Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are the standard which all are measured against, and few fail to even approach. Genuflect and be thankful, bow your heads and give praise - these two were the first and in some ways still the best. Today's snot-nosed creators with egos the size of planets could learn not only from their craft, style and skill, but also how to create with originality. These two put more ideas in a single issue than most of today's dirtbag "stars" cram into a years worth of product. We will NEVER see their like again, and we are all the poorer for it. When you read books like this, you can't help but realize how much most of the trash on the stands today TRULY SUCKS!
BLACK MAGIC #25 by Simon & Kirby

One of THE shining stars at EC was Jonny Craig, who later returned to the comic industry in the 60's, turning in great stuff at Warren, and also inking Iron Man at Marble. This very interesting story is from the tamer than tame ACG line, and is a cut above their usual drek. All the ads are included in this file for your amusement and education.
UNKNOWN WORLDS #36 with a story by Jonny Craig!

Plus some Ditko/Charlton fun!


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