Monday, April 24, 2006

More Suspense!

Here's a nice selection from SUSPENSE that are all nice large (20+MB) encodes.....with Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, Ray Milland, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Lucille Ball and many other famous Hollywood screen stars of the 40's & 50's!
Suspense - "The Devil's Saint"
Suspense - "Fugue In C Minor"
Suspense - "Pit & The Pendulum"
Suspense - "Chicken Feed"
Suspense - "Fear & Trembling"
Suspense - "Sell Me Your Life"
Suspense - "Return Trip"
Suspense - "Deep Into Darkness"
Suspense - "Night Cry"
Suspense - "Little Piece Of Rope"
Suspense - "Deadly Ernest"
Suspense - "For Love Or Murder"
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