Monday, February 27, 2006

Uh Oh - It's Another Repost Au Go Go!

Starting up... here's 4 OTR SF episodes adapted from stories by Phil Dick dedicated to someone i know who's kinda M.I.A., but hopefully A.O.K. Everybody else in the room can just go "Huh?" and keep on movin'... do i LOOK like i care? You can check
hyper dave's myspace profile if you have any hesitation on this issue. Just remember, you don't HAVE to understand something to ENJOY it.... 'nuff said!
"The Defenders",
"Made In Avak",
& "Imposter".
When enjoying these, it's probably a good idea to keep a can of UBIK close at hand.....

Forbidden Planet - The radio version..... from Australia!?!
This is pretty cool too....and you ALL knew this is an adaption of "THE TEMPEST" right?
Morbius is Prospero, Robbie is Caliban and so on....
Click here to download an Australian radio adaption as an mp3!

Just to be sneaky, i'm gonna stick these in here... they're not stricly all repost, but i'm gonna slide 'em in here on the D. L. to foil those lazy folks who rely on the old RSS feed for their intel...
and as my momma dun tol' me - ALWAYS check the small print... heh heh heh....
Tales of Tommorrow - "Watchbird"
Tales of Tommorrow - "Betelgeuse Bridge"
Tales of Tommorrow - "The Other Now" starring Dick York!
Tales of Tommorrow - "Martians Never Die"
Tales of Tommorrow - "The Old Die Rich"
Tales of Tommorrow - "Morrow on Mars"
Tales of Tommorrow - "The Girls from Earth"... and i've been having more than my fair share of headaches with one or two of those of late.... whoever said they were easy must be from another friggin' planet!

Plus, for you funny-book fans, a couple of early, EARLY Pre-Code tales by a very young Stevey Ditko, both reprinted in the 70's in black and white, scanned by me in a few days, downloaded by you in a minute or so, and hopefully read and enjoyed by you and your loved ones in the years, nay, even decades to come......
Ah yes, the circle of life in all it's fullness here at the ultra-holistic ashram of the kooky and bizarre that is datajunkie H.Q.
We (i guess that's me, myself and i) cover the fads with NONE of the ads...
A handful of hot-spots where the internet is still fun and free... oops, started to get up on the 'ol soapbox again, sorry 'bout that. Rant aborted.
Anyhow, here's "Stretching Things"
...and "Hair-Yee"!

PS - if you couldn't guess, i've been ultra-busy, so no Skywald Horror-Mood goodies today... hang in there folks, they're comin' soon... and that's a promise!

hyper dave been very busy dj-boy..... now me go take out the trash......
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