Monday, February 27, 2006

We'll miss you Don Knotts.....

Thanks for everything Mr. Don Knotts.

You may not know this, but Don got his start on the radio show Bobby Bensons' B-Bar-B Riders. He got his first major recurring role as comic cook "Windy" Wales. And you know the rest....slowly from then on into the TV & film work we know him for. i may get into some trouble for this, but while i think his Barney Fife, which is his most recognized portrayal, is not his best work. But then again, i think a lot of folks most popular work is not their best stuff. Do yourself a favor - watch "The Love God" some time...his performance in that is TRUE genius. Also some of his early TV comedy work as "The Worlds' Most Nervous Man" is still hysterically funny today. Finally, his memorable performance as would-be swinger landlord Ralph Furley on "Three's Company" was the ONLY thing worth watching the later episodes for. Ptui! on you Jerry Lewis, Don Knotts kicks your ass! Rest in peace old buddy of my TV watching youth....


Here's 2 shows with my favorite Don -
Click here to download the July 28th 1950 episode Bobby Bensons' B-Bar-B "Ghost Rider" as an mp3!

Click here to download the Bobby Bensons' B-Bar-B episode from Dec. 1st 1951 - "Queen of the Cowgirls!" as an mp3!

Then there's the comic book, with KILLER art by Dick Ayers on all but one story. Bob Powell does the duties on that, so it's OK! But Dick is drawing up a storm over at Vin Sullivans' Magazine Enterprises, and his work on this is really nice stuff. Now, as to the can see that by the time i got it for 10c(!?!), it was mondo thrashed and pretty much self-destructed as i scanned it...but now we can all share it, so it wasn't all in vain...i kind of liked not fixing the wear up too it a kinda funky look i may not like western comics or horse-opera radio shows, but we think you'll like these..... and there's a Windy Wales solo story too - enjoy!
Click here to download the 16th issue of Magazine Enterpises Bobby Bensons' B-Bar-B comic as a pdf!
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