Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"The Case of the Missing Folder"

...or "This Wouldn't Happen If I Was A Brain in a Jar!"

You guessed it folks... i'm all set to do my big surprise "We Got 50,000 Hits Today" post and i kinda "misplaced" a bunch of stuff somewhere on my desktop... what can i say but mea culpa.....

First up is the original "brain in a jar" tale (if you discount Satre)- Curt Siodmaks' ground-breaking cross-over SF novel "Donovan's Brain" - has not only been adapted into two pretty decent movies ("The Lady & The Monster" & of course, "Donovan's Brain") but was also adapted by the long-running radio show SUSPENSE twice as well. The first two-part version from 1944 stars Orson Welles no less, and the quality of these mp3s are better than the ones i originally posted before, but i'll still include the much larger file of the hour-long show from 1948. These adaptions are pretty faithful to the novel, unlike the movies, which truncate or elimate plot threads in typical Hollywood fashion.

Click here to download "SUSPENSE" May 18th 1944 - "Donovan's Brain Part One" as an mp3!
Click here to download "SUSPENSE" May 25th 1944 - "Donovan's Brain Part Two" as an mp3!
Click here to download "SUSPENSE" Feb. 7th 1948 - "Donovan's Brain" as an mp3!

While we're on the Orson Welles tip - here's a couple of VERY COOL quickies -
First, Wells meets Welles! That's right... H.G. meets Orson, and they have a nice little talk about the "War of the Worlds" broadcast. This is HISTORY kids. Yow!
Click here to download "H. G. Wells meets Orson Welles" as an mp3!

Next is an excerpt from the Edgar Bergen show, where he and Orson do a quick sketch about "The World of the Future" -
Click here to download "Chase & Sanborne show" Nov. 5th 1944 (excerpt) as an mp3!

And while we're on the topic of "War of the Worlds", here's a show from Buffalo's WKBW re-doing the Martian invasion early 70's style... and oh yes, one of the actors is Wally (Mr Peepers) Cox.
Who sez i don't know my pop culture? Lemme at 'em! I'll mobilize 'em!
Click here to download WAR OF THE WORLDS - 1971!

... and to close out the audio section, here's a cool SF triple-play.
First, another version of "Green Hills of Earth" from CBS Radio Workshop!
Click here to download "CBS Radio Workshop" July 21st 1957 - "Green Hills of Earth" as an mp3!

Plus a nice version of "Mars is Heaven" by Ray Bradbury from ABC Radio Workshop!
Click here to download "ABC Radio Workshop" - "Mars is Heaven" as an mp3!

Last up is a real find from Suspense... kind of similar to the classic Twilight Zone episode (and one of my faves) "The Obsolete Man" with Burgess Meredith. As a BIG fan of cautionary dystopian SF i was happily surpised to stumble across this gem.
Click here to download "SUSPENSE" Jan. 24th 1962 - "2462" as an mp3!

...and this got lost in the shuffle too....
Haunted 4!

In other news, the new LADYTRON album ROCKS! Eh... like you care.....

Also if you are a "citizen" of the "Electronic Dreamtime" simulation we call myspace, don't be too shy to add me... i don't bite (well... not TOO much).

This was another midnight post from the host with the most...
hyper dave (dat ol' datjunkie man!)
Over and out!
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