Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Poor old Lovecraft. Unlike Poe, he has not fared too well in translation. His stories, with a few exceptions, just don't turn into good films. Which is a pity. Don't get me wrong, Re-Animator ROCKS, and The Haunted Palace with Vincent Price is pretty darn good too. On the other hand, the film version of the Dunwich Horror, with my man Dean Stockwell, was a little iffy to say the least. Here then is a MUCH better adaption from the Golden Age of Radio, with Ronald Coleman. I really like the way they present the story as a "live" radio broadcast, much as Orson Welles had done years earlier with his notorious War of the Worlds presentation on the Mercury Theatre. But enough of my jabbering. Sit back, turn out the lights, and listen to....

"SUSPENSE - Nov 11th 1945 - The Dunwich Horror"
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