Monday, March 19, 2007

Charles Fort - Apostle of the IMPOSSIBLE!

I just love this well thought out and articulate comment on the previous post from longtime listener/first-time caller Cliff -
"I find it fascinating that the editor moved on to edit Fate magazine. That magazine would have fit squarely in Shaver's territory, with it's "stories" of UFOs, Bigfoot, the paranormal, etc. I used to read that digest mag as a kid in the 70s, back in the days when stuff like, was the book of Ezekiel really describing a spaceship. As an adult, I have a much larger dose of skepticism and cynicism towards such subjects, but as a wide eyed kid it made for some fun reading."
Ray Palmer sold his share of FATE to Curtis Fuller early on, but the magazine still runs today, proof that Palmer knew what the public wanted.
Here's a very tasty little article from issue 3 which ties in with the whole Shaver thang....

Charles Fort - Apostle of the Impossible (from Fate #3 : Fall 1948 Issue)

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