Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shaver Checklist Update!

Above illustration from Amazing March '47.

Ray Palmer gave a pretty comprehensive run-down on all of Shaver's pen-names in the Jun/July 1951 issue of Other Worlds.
Here's a few that seem to be missing from the previously posted checklist - these were published in Other Worlds.

"Where No Foot Walks" (1949) & "Glass Woman Of Venus" (1951) [as by G. H. Irwin]
"Pillars Of Delight" (1949) [as by Stan Raycraft]
"Palace Of Darkness" (1950) and "The Gamin" (1950) [as by Peter Dexter]
"Dinosaur World" (?) [as by Paul Lohrman]
"Sons Of The Serpent" (1950) [as by Wes Amhurst]
"Marai's Wife" (1950) [as by Edwin Benson]

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