Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Masked World!

"Today, said Mr. Shaver, the dero still exist in the caves and many of our troubles are caused by them. Some wars are fostered by them; our terrible air accidents are not always accidents but the result of destructive rays aimed at planes by idiots whose only delight is death and torture; even our nightmares can be the result of their "dream mech" trained on us in our sleep."

"These dero have access to the wonderful machines of the ancients, still in working order, since they were built almost indestructible, and with these machines they are able to bedevil both the tero and surface people. Among these machines are marvelous vision rays that can penetrate miles of rock, picking up scenes all over the Earth.... "
Ray Palmer, 1975

"I repeat, with the most positive finality, the caverns DO exist, and they are incredibly extensive, so that the possible population (were not so many dead!) could be THOUSANDS of times that of the surface of the earth, because it consists of so very many tiers of caves... The caves are connected by broad highways, carved from the solid rock for thousands of miles, the whole inner earth being a vastly complicated network of tunnels connecting literally thousands of great caves as large as any surface city, and some so large as to dwarf New York City to insignificance."
Richard S. Shaver, The Hidden World, 1961

"The unseen world beneath our feet, malignant and horrible, is complete in its mastery of earth. And most horrible of all, it is a world of madmen." - Richard S. Shaver

"If I am a mystic, a 'sensitive', a 'medium,' then I have seen 'guardian angels' boiled in oil, fried on a spit, and eaten! In the caves, one of the greatest delicacies of the dero is human flesh, and I have seen where that flesh comes from! Surface people, just like you and I. I can't imagine a 'spirit' eating 'lamb' stew."
Richard S. Shaver, The Secret World, 1975

"It is a great booty, our surface life, fed upon by crawling hideosities.... There are holes in every once-intelligent head...."
Richard S. Shaver

"I have been in the caves."
Richard S. Shaver, THE SECRET WORLD, 1975

-Amazing May. '46

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