Thursday, May 25, 2006

Now an explosive new movie!

Howzabout these cool books that got turned into pretty cool movies.... Neat huh?

Oh... here's some more Ghost Manor stuff from Stevey the D!

Ghost Manor #29

Ghost Manor #37

And we all miss these goofy one pagers from the old horror comics (I know I do).

Finally, in response to recent inquiry, we feature... "How does he turn a funny book into a pdf that I can download anyway?"
First we (that is me, myself and I) scan the item/page what-have-you, sometimes at 600 dpi (which takes forever) but more often at 200 or 400 dpi. A 24 page comic can take a day or two, Don't even ask about a 64 page horror magazine.
Then, it gets run through Photoshop, and the factors I balance are bandwidth (file size), legibility, appearance and compression. It's a juggling act, and in order to keep the image as large as possible, I sometimes have to make the paper of the pages white to save space - that is to say, a comic page that still features the mottled yellows and creams of old newsprint can often be two or three times larger in file size than one which has been processed to make the whites and blacks as extreme as possible. Sad but true.
Now comes the compilation to pdf. Quicker than the last two steps, but still takes a while. I chose this format because it's quick and easy for most people, as almost all computers have a pdf reader.
Then comes the uploading... if i'm using my streamload account, it's usually pretty quick and reliable, but I guess that's what i'm paying for. Free file hosting can be more... shall we say - "iffy".
Then i have to upload the cover, write the HTML and come up with some snappy patter. If that seems like a lot of work - let me assure you... it sure is!
And the moral of the story? Please don't bitch about the free stuff! It is what it is.....
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