Friday, April 14, 2006

But where's the DITKO?!? Where's the SF Audio?!?

Since i've felt a little guilty about a preponderance of Crime OTR and nothin' else, here's some repost action for those of you who may have missed 'em before.... So here's a rockin' repost of two of the BEST Steve Ditko, EVER!

I love this book - and if you ain't seen this one, you probably will too....

This is (as far as I can tell) Steverinos first work at Charlton after leaving Marvel.

Just look at some of these they rock or what!?!

Please (re)enjoy FANTASTIC GIANTS by Steve Ditko & Joe Gill

And here's ANOTHER all-Ditko book! Haunted #1 is ALL Steverino! Man, some of these stories by (i'm assuming) Joe Gill are amazing, and not in a good way. i think he got $4 a page for scripts in the 60's so he hadda crank 'em out with a family to support and all. I guess some days were better than others... Steves' art for this issue is rock solid stuff, and the printing is pretty good for a Charlton book... but those stories...unbelievable...they're all over the place plot-wise, mixing SF & horror and whatever was at hand.....i'm still shaking my head over some of this stuff from Charlton...if you don't believe me check it out fer yourself...

But wait - there's MORE! More killer art is by Ditko (& Wally Wood)...Yow! The filler story in this ish wasn't so good...likewise the other.. so i put in something tastier from JJ #28.
Click here to download #27 as a pdf!

This puppy features amazing art by Pat Boyette....and the back-up story by Ditko comes from Phantom #36.
Click here to download #23 as a pdf!

And where's the SF, i hear you ask? Let's see if this fills your need for the present -

1955 - "War of the Worlds"
LUX presents Hollywood - "War of the Worlds"
Seems i'm gonna be doing a bunch of these comin up, so here's a taste....
LUX presents Hollywood - "Day the Earth Stood Still"
Plus some mystery type stuff as a little bonus!
LUX presents Hollywood - "Sorry, Wrong Number" (Australian Version?!?)
LUX presents Hollywood - "The 39 Steps"

More crime stuff soonest (i'm still on that lawless kick i guess.....)
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