Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Black Museum

Seems like -
a) I'm kinda pressed for time of late, and
b) I'm on a bit of a "true crime" kick recently...
so here's one of my favorite shows from that genre.
Starring Orson Welles and produced by "Towers of London" (Harry Alan Towers, better known as the producer of the Fu-Manchu and Sumuru series of films), this show from the early 50's was syndicated on the Mutual network in 1952. I've got about two dozen more of these up the sleeve for the weekend kids, and then it's on to some 5 Minute Mysteries.....

But what is "The Black Museum" I hear some of you ask? Well, here's a link that explains the history and function of the actual "Black Museum' better than i ever could!

PS. I do wish that i had access to a time portal though..... but the truth is i'm just a guy.....
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