Thursday, April 13, 2006

More crime!

Well, since i have very little time - here's more crime!
Ooops! It was here - but it dissappear!

Plus some reposts of some crime comics (which should still be available) - Share & Enjoy!

This issue features a great cover by "Dashing" Donny Heck, and interior art by Pete Morisi (aka PAM), who was an N.Y.P.D. cop moonlighting as a comic artist, on 3 of the 4 stories. With titles like "Trigger Happy Killer" and "Narcotics" these guys weren't fooling around! Hard boiled and's the MOST EXCELLENT-DANGER #6!

Here's a repost of a classy Pre-code crime book for your enjoyment! Quality Comics slick art with contributions by Reed Crandall et. al. Love that T-MAN splash panel!

Hey, check out this great Star comic from another age with a really nice L. B. Cole cover and some super-seamy stories inside. Even though it's called Crime Fighting Detective, it has more to do with the crims than the cops.

George Tuska is mainly known for his Marvel stuff, but his Pre-Code crime work is WAY more to my liking. Dark and gritty, his street hoods look dangerous and venal, the urban backdrop is tawdry and realistic. Check it out!
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