Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another "Lucky" 13 - Witches' Tales! (Repost)

For some reason or another, this is the title shared by a lurid horror magazine we all know, and an equally lurid radio show from the 30's.

So here's another "Lucky 13" selection of episodes.... try one and see if you like 'em, there's a lot of surface noise on most and they are kinda creaky and overacted, but if you like mellow-dramatic old horror-type films from the early 1930s, you should dig these... i did. Just don't ask me to tell any tales about any of the witches I know... OK? Might get me trouble....

Oh by the way, here's a nice photo of the actress who played the Witch in the mid 30's and a couple of Fass mags to keep you quiet for a while.... more Skywald soonest (PSYCHO #16).

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