Sunday, December 25, 2005

Starr of Space!

"From out of the future comes Captain Starr of Space... roam the star worlds with Capt. Starr, Ace adventurer of space!"
Here's a great little stocking stuffer! If you, like me, love the gung-go 50's space-ranger kind of thing.... Captain Video, Duck Dodgers, Space Patrol and the like. Well, this is cut from the same piece of cloth, that's fer sure. Long on action and WAY short on logic or science. Like Space Opera, but even dumber!
Cruising around in his ship, "The Shooting Star", the good Captain of "Space Fleet" (along with his pals, Gail and "Stripes") meets aliens, thwarts sinister plots... the usual stuff. Lots of ponderous organ music and cheesy alien voices ("Ray Machine") and hokey echo effects (pretty much every episode).
From 1953 - outer space adventures with Starr of Space!
Citizens Of Mars
Carnumian Return
Mericus Plague
The Queen Nilo Incident
The Ray Machine
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