Monday, August 22, 2005

Download-able Late-Nite Double-Feature!

The Thing From The Sea plus, in the same thrilling shock-show, The Entity from the Void!
Two chillers for the price of none! This blood-curdling double bill has to be seen to be believed! Rock 'em, sock 'em, kisses they never got! Explosive action! Dynamic violence! Outrageous hyperbole!
Coming soon to a computer screen near you!
Click here to download "The Thing From The Sea" by Wally Wood as a pdf file!
Click here to download the pilot (and only) episode of FANTASY from August 23rd 1947 - "The Entity from the Void" Part 1 starring Hans Conreid as an mp3!
Click here to download Part 2 as an mp3!
PS - can you tell that i miss Drive-In theatres?
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