Friday, April 17, 2009

The HORROR of it ALL - Now in Spook-a-phonic sound!

Well, I hate to say it, but you are a predictable lot. Horror comics, horror comics, horror comics.... that's ALL I hear. OK then, if it's horror comics you want, then horror comics you shall have.

First out of the gate, is the OTHER "Tales from the Crypt" from Myron Fass' Eerie Publications. For some strange reason, old Bill "E.C." Gaines was none too pleased with this one, so this is the one and only issue bearing this title. Nice try Myron. Pre-Code reprints of stories "Skeleton In The Closet","Experiment In Terror","Blood and Old Bones", "Forever Dead","Thief of Souls" & "The Beautiful and The Dumb" (both omitted from the Contents page!?!) and "Horror Harbor". All this in the new cbz format no less!

Tales from Myron's Crypt

Now, for those of you who have been asking and asking and asking for me to re-post some of my greatest Charlton hits... OK! Enough is too much.
Here's two for now, more later (re-posts are such a drag, man).

Creepy Things 6 has "Vampire of Hanover" with art AND story by Pat Boyette. Cover & cute 1-pager "Turned-Off"by Mike Zeck and the hirsute cover story "The Hairy One" by Tom Sutton.

Creepy Things #6

Ghostly Tales 99 starts out with cover and story "Here Comes The Bride" by "Sturdy" Steve Ditko, plus two tales by Wayne Howard - "The Statue" a nifty 1-pager, and also the very droll "Meeting of The Damned".

Ghostly Tales #99

Now what's this Spook-a-phonic sound thing all about? It's simple - here's a whole bunch of classic "Spookshow" radio ads, plus one for "Monsters A-Go-Go", and six great ads for one of my favorite SF films of the 70's, "Zardoz". Put 'em in the music player of your choice and listen to the scary sounds while you read the spooky comics! Neat-o!
Get 'em here!

OK... I gotta go - I'm starting to creep myself out here!

PS. Download link for Capt. 3D works fine for me...

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