Wednesday, August 27, 2008

¡Viva La Difference Del Charlton!

Hey cats and kittens, once again it's your old pal Hyper Dave with more stinky old comic books (in the new improved electrical-type format). As usual, i'm pressed for time, so let's get cracking!

This Ditko weirdy was featured as a back up in E-Man...
Think Mr. A on nitrous oxide and you've got it!


'Nuff Said on THIS gem!
Space Adventures 36

These two are pretty schlocky... but we like drek too, right gang?

Unusual Tales 47

Space Adventures 57

Master Of Kung Fu? Who he? Yang ROCKS!
Yang 5

Pat Boyette at his best!
Korg 1

PS. To all that asked me stuff - Vincent Price post coming up soon, also Part 3 of The Spectre, NatLamp re-post in the works, and i'm sorry Vince, but that's all the Bill Ward stuff I have....

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