Sunday, August 24, 2008


I love romance comics... mainly as anthropological artifacts of the social patterns of a far off time....
Also, some of them are pretty darn funny, since they're mostly written by men!
Take some of those Charlton books below... it's a safe bet they were all written by Joe Gill... and when I think of romance, Joe Gill is the first thing that pops into my head.....
Actually - No. I'm being sacastic.
The art, on the other hand, ranges from ghastly (and NOT in a good way) to sublime, for example the Tom Sutton psycheledic cover to I Love You 118, plus outstanding work by Gene Colan, Jay Scott Pike and John Rosenberger.
See? This blog isn't just the boy's club-house after all!

ACG's Romantic Adventure #23

First Love 37

Secret Romances 22

True Life Secrets 23

Secret Romance 11

Just Married 60

Love Diary 49

Hollywood Romances #58

Love Diary #66

Career Girl 56

I Love You 118

Secrets of Young Brides 8

Girls Love 122

Girls Romances 139

Girls Romances 141

Secret Hearts 116

There's 16 of 'em...
They're beautiful...
.... and they're all YOURS!

See you tomorrow, you sappy mush-heads!


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