Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Normally I don't do requests.....

...but I do get 'em. So in a rare act of love and kindness, i'm gonna try and do what I can to do some requests, but Streamload/Mediamax is closing down August 8, and ALL my files stored online are just plain.... GONE!
¬°Aye Caramba!
So a lot of way cool stuff has already gone bye bye (sniff).
Most of my OTR...... gone.
Lots of pdf's... gone.
All that work down the drain.
So remember to back up your files kids!

But do have fun with these while I go cry in my coffee......

JUMBO Comics #72

Lucky Mojo / Valmor catalog

Seriously though, it's just stuff.... i'm cool with it..... (I think).


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