Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Skywald Reposts?

I've been getting the odd request to repost alla dose nasty Skywald horror mags... Should I? Lemme know....
One of Skywalds first B & W magazines, long before they starting doing the extremely nasty horror comics SCREAM, PSYCHO, NIGHTMARE etc. under the editorial direction of "Archaic" Al Hewetson.... Skywald was Sol Brodsky (ex Marvel comics) + Isreal Waldman (magazine industry veteran) .... so they knew the biz and they hired - Andru & Esposito to do the book....they'd been doing Wonder Woman & Metal Men over at DC, and this non-Comics' Code book allows them to do more adult material. Heh heh. Dick Ayers also does some nice art in here.... lesse.... what else... OH YEAH! It's got LOTS of bikes! So let's go on a run with Hellrider and The Wild Bunch!

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