Sunday, July 06, 2008

Random Roundup!

Why Random Roundup? Well, "Get-this-off-my-hard-drive Theater' was a bit cumbersome....

Ahh Dollar comics..... this one brings back some memories. Back when a dollar could buy you a comic... what are they now...$2.99 and up? Yow!

House Of Mystery 251

Killer Alden McWilliams art in this ish!
Beyond The Black Hole 3

Steve travels back in time and tries to prevent the accident that started it all!
By Nick Cuti & Joe Staton.

Six Million Dollar Man 3

And while we're on the subject....
The Six Million Dollar Man LP -
"Birth Of The Bionic Man"
"Bionic Berserker"
"To Win An Oscar"
"The Iron Heart"
"Operation Deep Freeze"
"Man From The Future"
"Loch Ness Syndrome"
"The Haiti Connection"

Six Million Dollar Man LP


Here's my King Size Handy Dandy Kirby Atlas Omnibus because I don't think we'll see these reprinted any time soon....
Kirby Atlas Omnibus
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