Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ghost Who Walks... Man Who Never Dies (Re-Post)

Still busy - more re-post is all I have for you right now.....

Which long underwear character is more popluar and has more fans on a global scale that the geezer from Krypton or Mr kinky playboy? This guy!

I would venture to say he is in fact a different and distinct archetype - different from the immigrant from another planet or the supercapitalist traumatized by the belly of the beast. First of all he is a geneological hero... in that the mantle of The Phantom is passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, and sometimes even daughter - yes kids there has been a female Phantom or two. He is "The Ghost Who Walks".... and when he ventures into the civilized world... well, just call him Mr. Walker (cute huh?). Raised by the African Bandar pygmies, he is both non-racist and non-sexist, his faithful companion is a wolf named Devil, he marks his friends and enemies with his good or bad marks.... impressions made by rings he wears on each hand. He lives in THE SKULL CAVE for goodness sakes! This is just the tip of the iceberg....believe me there's more!

And his mission.... TO FIGHT PIRATES! What's not to like! Popular in the far flung corners of the world, he is for example THE most popular comic hero in such diverse places as Australia, Sweden and many more countries that don't care too much for the big red "S" or Spidey!

Created by Lee Falk, who also created Mandrake the Magician, he is one of the few heroes who exists with equal comfort in the newspaper strips (since the 30's) and the 4 color pages. Just look at these international editions below.... this guy may just be the world's most popular hero, he surely has the best mythos of any guy in a union suit.... and he has a wife and kids! He is TRULY "The Man Who Never Dies"!

I love this guy! No powers... no bankroll.... just pure MOXIE (and a blazing .45 in each mitt)!

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