Thursday, May 01, 2008

That MAN from D.I.T.K.O.

First up, two EARLY Pre-Code tales drawn by a very, very young Steve Ditko in the 1950's, both reprinted in the 1970's (in black and white), scanned by me a while back, downloaded by you in a minute or so, and hopefully read and enjoyed by you and your loved ones in the days, months, years...... nay, even decades to come! Ah, the circle of life in all it's fullness here at the ultra-holistic ashram of the bizarre that is datajunkie H.Q.
We cover the fads with NONE of the ads!

Anyhow, here's "Stretching Things"

...and "Hair-Yee"!

Here's a quartet of shorts from various Charlton titles from the early 60's that I think you'll also enjoy. "Confederate Girl" and "Believe No Evil" are a bit goofy, but "The Vanishing Men" is the equal to any of his Atlas work from the same period, and "Devil in the Storm" is just excellent.

"Ealy 60's Ditko"

After leaving Marvel, Steve returned to Charlton in the late 60's where he did many interesting stories that haven't seen the light of day... until NOW!
"Curse of Husfat", "The Mouse Tower", "Great Ceasar's Ghost", "The Stone Lovers" (with Boyette inks!) and many more.

Late 60's Ditko Charlton

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