Monday, June 05, 2006

Charlie Chan!

Me, I like the ol' Charlie Chan. To some, he's a bit of a sore point (to the P.C. afflicted - and no, I don't mean personal computers).
Created by Earl Derr Biggers, and based in part on the experiences of a genuine Chinese detective in Honolulu named Chang Apana, the author had read about in a newspaper while vacationing in Honolulu in 1919. Most people know the character from several dozen movies where Charlie was played by actors Warner Oland in a long series of Fox pictures, and later, Sidney Toler (at both Fox and Monogram) and finally a last few with Roland Winters as Charlie.
Charlie Chan also crossed into other media, such as newspaper strips and radio dramas.

Here's the radio -
Charlin Chan - "Charlie's Daughter Is Kidnapped"
Charlin Chan - "Escaped Musician"
Charlin Chan - "The Frightened Sharif"
Charlin Chan - "The Romantic Engineer"
Charlin Chan - "Santa Claus"
Charlin Chan - "The Sea Witch"
Charlin Chan - "The Tell-Tale Hands"

These two fan sites are good... but my hat's off to this excellent site... which features both a daily comic strip archive and a Sunday comic strip archive as well!
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