Thursday, March 09, 2006

Results Inc.

“Results, Incorporated – your problem is our problem. Will locate your long-lost uncle, work your crossword puzzle, hold your baby.”
I have a real love of these 1940's era detective/comedy hybrids. "I Love a Mystery" springs to mind, of course, but there are others. Results Inc. has that ghostbuster kind of feel to it, as most of the stories involve some supernatural monster (revealed in the end to be, in the tradition of the genre, an elaborate scheme..... of course!). Still fun stuff though....
Lloyd Nolan plays Johnny Strange (The Strange Detective!?!) and Terry Travers, his secretary is played by Claire Trevor.
Episode 1 is a nice tasty size (in 2 parts yet) - lemme know how you like 'em!

Results Inc. - Episode 1 Part 1
Results Inc. - Episode 1 Part 2
Results Inc. - "Haunted House"
Results Inc. - "Bloody Gillettes"
Results Inc. - Final Episode

PS. Post reconfigured/re-edited 2/10/06! Thanks to Booksteve for the corrections!
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