Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More SF and Virgil Finlay too!

Once again... i must say a big thank you to any and all who placed a nice intelligent comment in the suggestion box....

i know i've been a bit of a grumpy so-and-so, but that's more my problem than yours. I really shouldn't let life (the universe and everything) get me down... and the final analysis, the internet (and no i will NOT capitalize it) is not the best neighborhood in town, and let's leave it at that. Now, let's look at some more incredible art by Virgil Finlay.......
From A. E. van Vogt's - "The Expendables"

Some examples of his late 60's work....

This one is just amazing....

Plus - As an added bonus you get (heck, this is all free, so i don't know why i'm doing the informercial style rap...)

2000 Plus was a pretty low-rent affair from the very early 1950's... more on the B-Movie tip if you ask me..... but i like 'em (then again, i've seen "Fiend Without A Face" dozens of times, and would watch it again in a second...).
More Finlay/2000 Plus tomorrow!

2000 Plus - "The Men From Mars"
2000 Plus - "When The Machines Went Mad"...any day now....
2000 Plus - "When The Worlds Met"
2000 Plus - "The Insect"
2000 Plus - "The Other Man"
2000 Plus - "The Green Thing"


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