Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Even more Virgil Finlay and 2000 Plus!

As promised, here's more Virgil Finlay art. These two covers (in addition to being great examples of his color work) seem to share a very sad and almost tragic tone, especially the one below, illustrating "Under Old Earth" by Cordwainer Smith.

Here's the interior illustrations, which seem to share the same mood...

From Cordwainer Smith's "A Planet Called Shayol".

Some of his late 60's work for GALAXY magazine got pretty strange, even for Finlay, as seen above and below.

Sometimes i feel like this guy right here.....

More on the 'hard" SF tip -

One of my favorites....

From FANTASTIC. That bottom one is particularily fine....

Plus, more 2000 Plus!
2000 PLUS - "Temple of the Pharaohs"
2000 PLUS - "The Flying Saucer"
2000 PLUS - "The Giant Walks"
2000 PLUS - "The Robot Killer"
2000 PLUS - "The Rocket & The Skull"

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