Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Flasherino!

Seems like somebody made their first appearance on January 6th, many moons ago!

Alex Raymond, Buster Crabbe and Al Williamson..... names to conjure by....

Hey, even these Charlton issues by Pat Boyette were way cool....

These issues with art by Williamson are also dynamite ( if you can find 'em)...

Even into the 80's.....

....hope y'all don't mind me doin' a bit of cut and paste to cover my ass (Miracleman style)..... and this....

....becomes this!
(....oh, but i'm good!)

LASH GORGON #4 by Al Williamson or here too!

LASH GORGON #5 by Al Williamson or here too!

LASH GORGON #12 by Reed Crandall or here too!

LASH GORGON #13 by Pat Boyette and Jeff Jones or here too!

LASH GORGON #14 by Pat Boyette or here too!

Plus this sweet 4 pager from the first issue of King's Phantom Comics!
LASH & The Space Pirates by Wally Wood or here too!

Here's the first 26 episodes of the1930's radio show!
Episode 1 Strange Planet
Episode 2 Befriends Lion Men
Episode 3 Imprisoned
Episode 4 Death Battle
Episode 5 Cave World
Episode 6 Blue Magic Men
Episode 7 To The Rescue
Episode 8 Seeds Of Doubt
Episode 9 Ice Barricade
Episode 10 Thawed Out
Episode 11 Doc Shoots Electrode
Episode 12 Regains Memory
Episode 13 Tal Rescues Azura
Episode 14 Tal Attacks
Episode 15 Invisibility Ray
Episode 16 Avenging Shadow
Episode 17 Azura Regains Memory
Episode 18 Still Invisible
Episode 19 Tal Captures Doc
Episode 20 Pit Of Peril & Death
Episode 21 Pit Of Fire
Episode 22 Trapped Behind The Door
Episode 23 King Of The Cave World
Episode 24 Tal Seizes The Throne
Episode 25 Crash Landing
Episode 26 Married In the Jungle

Phew! i'm pooped!

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