Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shiver me timbers matey!

Well now i know i've also put this up afore ye lubbers, but Captain Datajunkie has redone the whole pdf from scratch and it looks a whole bunch better. Shiver me timbers, the new hosting warms the cockles of my old pirates heart! So ye scurvey dogs, better not give the Captain no backtalk or it'll be time to walk the plank.

Seriously though, more nice art by Reed Crandall (and maybe Al Feldstein?) in this Isreal Waldman ("What do i need with copyrights" is my fave quote from this true character from comic publishing) reprint of a 1950's Quality book... Just another example of how many diverse genres USED TO be available in comic books, instead of just pecs and spandex...*sigh*...


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