Tuesday, December 13, 2005

PSYCHO #4 & #5!

Since we're enjoying the new hosting options, let's repost some of my "greatest hits" from the months gone by... it's just that i feel kinda bad about how circumstances forced me to rotate the files so quickly, and i'm sure some things flew by WAY too quick. So here's Psycho #4 and #5!

.... with Frankenstein by Tom Sutton and Jack Abel!

.... and The Heap by Andru and Esposito!

...and just LOOK at this Rich Buckler art above!
PSYCHO #4 or here - PSYCHO #4!

"Dream World" by Jerry Siegal & Ralph Reese....

How about this cool inside cover pinup by Bill Everett!

More Franky & The Heap!

Here's the indicia....can you tell what's missing?

PSYCHO #5 or here - PSYCHO #5!

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