Monday, December 19, 2005

Mostly Ghostly...... Ghostly Tales that is!

First, the bad news....... one of my favorites, the Zombie Astronaut, has been forced by bandwidth costs to call it a day. This is not good. If you've been tracking things here at the the old casa del datajunkie, you'll know that i can relate. The good news is that he'll be sending stuff out to folks via gmail (as attachments), so if you're interested, the link to the right will take you to where you can sign up. If you want a gmail account, and are known to me as a loyal pal of the datajunkie, drop me a line and i'll sort you out with one. Make sure that you are known to me...OK? Just trying to make that as clear as an unmuddied lake or an azure sky.....
Now, the good news......some real horrorshow comics!

To be honest, a lot of these recent posts are backlog from Halloween that never got put up, but i'm sure you cats and kittens won't mind too much. Just LOOK at that cover above by Sanho Kim! Who would have though that he had it in him? In fact, this is an especially nice issue all round, stories and art.

By this point, i shouldn't have to name the talent roster at Charlton, but for those who came in late, most of the scripts are by Joe Gill or Nicola Cuti with art by Ditko, Sutton, Boyette, Sattler, Kim and Howard et al.

Ghostly Tales #102 or here Ghostly Tales #102
Ghostly Tales #116 or here Ghostly Tales #116
Ghost Manor #23 or here Ghost Manor #23
Midnight Tales #7 or here Midnight Tales #7

PS. If "informationsillusionzentrum" is German for addicted to information (they have a word for EVERTHING!), does that make me Herr Informationsillusionzentrum? I mean, how does "datajunkie" translate into German? Is it "der datajunkie"? I learnt French and Latin(?) in high school, so i don't know.... any help would be appreciated!

PPS. No complaints about new hosting options? Sure? Everybody happy? Better pipe up now if it's an issue.....
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