Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ho Hum... More Boring Charlton Horror Comics....

So, here's some of that "next level" thing we were talking about. 7 Charlton Horror comics!
(Seven, that's right... count 'em... seven!)
Guess it must be Christmas!

Dr. Graves makes a rare guest appearance in "I'll Never Forget What's-His-Name" with art chores by Steve Ditko (natch!) plus Wayne Howard does story and art on "Hermit of Brimstone Cave".
GHOSTLY HAUNTS #27 or here too!

"No Way Out", a 9-pager by Cuti and Staton is an example of how well the E-Man team worked together. Looks like Joe modeled the protagonist on Lovecraft. Excellent cover too! Steve does "Till We Meet Again", not too bad, but no great shakes...
GHOSTLY HAUNTS #28 also here too!

Sturdy Steve may do the cover for "Fear Has 3 Dimensions", but the interior art on this whacked-out tale of an artist plagued by his own monster paintings come to life is by Wayne Howard.... and what a job he does!
i love the fact that the painter looks like a cross between Alfred E. Newman and The Frankenstein Monster!
¡Viva Wayne Howard!
GHOSTLY HAUNTS #30 or here too!

Nice period drama in "Act of Treason" by Stevey Ditko, but i really like the story in "Snowman" by Steve Morisi and "PAM" (Pete Morisi).
GHOSTLY HAUNTS #36 and here too!

OK... now this is a killer book! No dead wood this issue! This is due to what i call the "Cuti Effect"! By this time the new blood (and ideas) that he and George Wildman added to the line is more than plain to see.
"Devil's Chessman" by Cuti & Kim starts the ish off really well, followed by "He Created Evil" by Gill and Ditko...solid workman-like stuff here from these stalwarts.... but then again, these two "doing the usual" is still better than most of todays "stars" at their best! So there!
The final story by Gill and Tom Sutton finds old H. P. Lovecraft being used as a model again. Probably one of the most interesting (and funniest) Charlton horror stories ever.... and what an ending! Did Joe write that last panel or did Tom? Who knows at this point....
GHOSTLY HAUNTS #38 and here too!

This issue, is however, contains one of THE best horror stories you'll ever read - anywhere. "The Game Keeper" written and drawn by Tom Sutton. He even signs the cover "Grisly", with a sly nod to the EC books of old. And yes, that is a giant spider there, surrounded by skeletons and human remains, on the cover of a Code approved book. That's why Tom and the rest stuck around at Charlton... the pay was low... but you could GET AWAY WITH STUFF if you were smart!
"The Beast in All Men" by Ditko plays like an old Monogram horror film from the 40's (which i think is very cool), and "The Wastrel" by Jim Beam(!?!) and Wayne Howard has a nice early 20th century setting that helps distinguish the tale.
GHOSTLY HAUNTS #40 also here too!

GHOST MANOR #21 and here too!
So it's not Ghostly Haunts! Ghost Manor was good too! Really nice cover and story "Paid in Full" by Sanho Kim and Joe Gill. Sanho draws a mean Devil. Literally! Also in this ish, an enjoyable Victorian horror-thriller, "Live Happily and Forever" by Wayne Howard and Jack Daniels!?! That's gotta be Joe Gill, right? Jim Beam is him too, i'm sure!

Anyway, on that note... this is your host, the Man from D.A.T.A.J.U.N.K.I.E. - hoping you all are living happily over this holiday season... and if some Jack Daniels, Jim Beam or other "spiritual libations" are part of your Yuletide landscape, well... let's all just be careful out there... OK?
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