Sunday, December 18, 2005

Back into familiar territory.... with me and Dr. G!

Well, we went 'round the whole wide world of comic genres in the last month or two, and now i'm going to head back into more familiar turf. More Charlton horror comics! I found a very nice stash of these at Crazy Al's wonderful comic-book store. How could i resist? Al knows what i like, i'll tell ya that!

Art and scripts by the usual suspects........ Do i love this stuff or what? And with the new hosting, i can make these bigger than before, so i think you'll notice a definite improvment in image quality. Let me know how these new hosts are working out for you..... anyone having trouble with both options? Lemme know pleez!

Dr Graves #23 or here Dr Graves #23
Dr Graves #42 or here Dr Graves #42
Dr Graves #51 or here Dr Graves #51
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