Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Thought i'd start this off with some of my pieces of "Wacky Collage Art" as i like to call it. And yes, cutting up all those little pieces of paper is good therapy. In this digital age, it's nice to sit down with a pile of old magazines, some glue and some scissors and just go to town. Very refreshing. And the weird thing is, you cut 'em up and put them on the table together, they kind of SWIM like fish, in schools if you will, and very often they start to compose themselves into relationships and juxtapositions you didn't expect. William Burroughs talks extensively about this in his book "The Third Mind". i find it's just not the same on the computer. But hey, we're here to talking about Flying Saucers, so let's get to it!

In the 50's, Flying Saucers were kinda fun. None of this post X-Files anal probe stuff. Nice folks from Venus or Mars or Uranus who wanted to be our pals, or evil Bug-Eyed Monsters who we just had to kill. Or some fellow with a British accent like Klaatu in "Day the Earth Stood Still".
Not creepy. Not culty. Not like it is today.

Anyway, here's "I Flew in a Flying Saucer" Parts 1 & 2 as PDFs, from Ray Palmer's OTHER WORLDS SF magazine. Love that spacebabe cover too!
Click here to download "I Flew in a Flying Saucer" Part 1 as a PDF file!
Click here to download "I Flew in a Flying Saucer" Part 2 as a PDF file!
This beauty is from the back cover of AMAZING Stories from the early 50's.

For your listening pleasure, here's Brian Donlevy starring as Steve Mitchell in an episode from the NBC radio show Dangerous Assignment entitled "Flying Saucers over Santa Rosa".
"They look like rings or discs whirling around!". Click here to download "DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT" 17th April 1950 "Flying Saucers over Santa Rosa" as an mp3!
As an added bonus, here's a pretty weird-o episode from the Science Fiction show 2000 PLUS entitled "Flying Saucers".
"I was alone in a room, 100,000 miles from Earth. My body lay dead before me, and yet I spoke, and felt and lived!". Click here to download "2000 Plus" - "Flying Saucers" as an mp3!
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