Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I was talking to Winston Smith last week....

...yes, THAT Winston Smith, the designer of all those wonderful Dead Kennedys record covers and heavens knows SO much more COOL stuff. Check out his stuff at
... there isn't a nicer guy you could meet, and his work has more balls that most stuff you see these days that passes for "contemporary" art.
Anyhow, that got me to thinkin' that i had a couple a interesting versions of "1984" that i wanted to post.
So here's my excuse to do that and namedrop at the same time. Ain't blogs cool?
Click here to download 1984 - U.S. Steel Hour 25th April 1953 as an mp3!
Click here to download David Niven in 1984 - NBC University Theatre 27th August 1949 as an mp3!
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