Friday, August 05, 2005


Before the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits there were 2 seminal radio shows that ran for quite a while doing straight adaptions of recent (now to us "classic") SF tales.

They were called Dimension X and X Minus 1. They were also as good as the previously mentioned TV shows in their better moments. But hey, both TZ & OL had stinkers too!

This one, however, is a classic to be sure, a gripping, believable and totally logical account of two spaceships from different races meeting in the void between galaxies. If one turns to go, the other can follow and find its destination. If they both stay, the crews will die of starvation. Can we trust them? Can they trust us? Maybe a bit dated, but still quite good. Woulda made a good Star Trek episode.
"X Minus 1 - Sept. 5th 1951 - First Contact" by Murray Leinster

Here then, from X Minus 1 is an adaption of the cover story from Galaxy magazines March 1953 edition -

- don'cha just love that photographic cover? -

"X Minus 1 - July 17th 1956 - The Old Die Rich" by H. L. Gold

As an added bonus, here is an earlier adaption of the same story done around the time of its magazine publication from the series TALES of TOMORROW -
"Tales of Tomorrow - March 26th 1953 - The Old Die Rich"
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