Monday, August 08, 2005

Charlton Comics......the weirdest comic publisher in America! An Introduction!

Charlton Comics were the weird sister of the American comics scene in the 60's. Minimal pay+disinterested editioral supervision=maximum freedom for creative folks.
Ghostly Tales was the long running flagship horror title, and often featured the surreal juxtaposition of great stories with excellent art next to absolute drek. Amazing!

Check out this cover for The many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #1 by Pat Boyette. Hmmmm.... maybe a just a little too much type on the cover methinks.

Sometimes the cover stunk. Sometimes it was excellent, like this one for #10, again by Boyette.

Haunted was primarily Steve Ditko stories and covers. Steve was the star over at Charlton, having come from Marvel and Spiderman. He did some late 60's work at DC, the most memorable being The Creeper, but soon returned to Charlton by the end of the decade.

Dig that ad! We need the money? Unbelievable!

One of the weirdest artists to appear in the line was Korean born Sanho Kim, who worked in a typical Manga-esque style. Ghost Manor (Volume 1) was his baby. Cover to cover. What OTHER 1960's publisher would let a Korean guy draw, ink and letter an entire book? NO ONE! Yet another reason i'll always love Charlton comics!

Here's "The Devils' Cauldron", an early Kim tale, taking up the entire issue with one long story (not the usual 3 or 4) from Ghost Manor Volume 1 #5.
Click here to download GHOST MANOR #5 as a PDF file!
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