Monday, August 08, 2005


E.C.! That's all anyone thinks of now when they talk about "Horror Comics"! Bah! There were literally DOZENS of publishers doing this stuff in the early 50's. Some of them were pretty darn good too! Harvey Comics had a publishing line rich with variety, including a few choice horror mags. Witches' Tales. Tomb of Terror. And Black Cat.
Let's take a peek at Black Cat #47, shall we?
The artists in this issue are Howard Nostrand (doing his best Jack Davis imitation on "Low Noon"), Joe Certa and Bob Powell. I can't identify the artist on "TORTURE", a nasty Kafka-esque nightmare that has to rate as one of the NASTIEST comic book stories i've ever read. The cover is by Lee Elias. It has very little to do with anything inside the book, but it's pretty powerful, none the less.
Y'know, i find it more than jus' a lil' perverse that the same folks at Harvey Comics, who published this gem of whacked-out over the top horror and mayhem, went on to later and greater success with Casper, the Dead Baby & Richie the Little Trust Fund Jerk.
Click here to download BLACK CAT #47 as a PDF file!
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