Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A More Complete Richard S. Shaver Checklist!

Novels -
The Return of Sathanas (1946) with Bob McKenna
Cult of the Witch Queen (1946) with Bob McKenna
Gods of Venus (1948)
The Sun Smiths (1951)
Beyond The Barrier (1952)

Stories -
Return of a Demon (1943) [as by Alexander Blade]

I Remember Lemuria! (1945)
Thought Records of Lemuria (1945)
Quest of Brail (1945)
Cave City of Hel (1945)
The Sea People (1946)
Earth Slaves to Space (1946)
The Tale of the Last Man (1946)
Invasion of the Micro-Men (1946)
Luder Valley (1946)
The Masked World (1946)
The Land of Kui (1946)
An Adam from the Sixth (1946)
The Crystalline Sarcophagus (1947)
Joe Dannon, Pioneer (1947)
First Rocket (1947) [as by D. Richard Sharpe]
Of Gods and Goats (1947)
The Vanishing Spaceman (1947) [as by Alexander Blade]
The Mind Rovers (1947)
Death Seems So Final (1947) [as by Alexander Blade]
The Princess and Her Pig (1947)
Formula from the Underworld (1947)
Zigor Mephisto's Collection of Mentalia (1947)
Witch's Daughter (1947)
The Red Legion (1947)
Mer-Witch of Ether "18" (1947)
The Tale of the Red Dwarf (1947) [as by The Red Dwarf(!?!)]
Witch of the Andes (1947)
Flesh Against Spirit (1948) [as by Alexander Blade]
The Thin Woman (1948)

The Monster from Mars (1948) [as by Alexander Blade]
Ice City of the Gorgon (1948) with Chester S. Geier
The Valley of Madness (1948) [as by Alexander Blade]
Daughter of the Night (1948)

The Plotters (1948) [as by Alexander Blade]
Mirrors of the Queen (1948)

Fountain of Change (1948) with Chester S. Geier
Titan's Daughter (1948)
Lair of the Grimalkin (1948) [as by G. H. Irwin]
Slaves of the Worm (1948)
Prometheus' Daughter (1949) [as by Alexander Blade]
Battle in Eternity (1949) with Chester S. Geier
The Jinx (1949) [as by Alexander Blade]
Where No Foot Walks (1949) [as by G. H. Irwin]
Dynasty of the Devil (1949) [as by Alexander Blade]
Erdis Cliff (1949)
Exiles of the Elfmounds (1949)
When the Moon Bounced (1949) [as by Frank Patton]
The Cyclopeans (1949)
Pillars Of Delight (1949) [as by Stan Raycraft]
We Dance for the Dom (1950)
Lady (1950)
The Gamin (1950) [as by Peter Dexter]
Palace Of Darkness (1950) [as by Peter Dexter]
The Devil in a Box (1950) [as by Alexander Blade]
The World of the Lost (1950) [as by Paul Lohrman]
Sons Of The Serpent (1950) [as by Wes Amhurst]
Marai's Wife (1950) [as by Edwin Benson]
Mahaffey's Mystery (1950) [as by Frank Patton]
Yelisen (1951)
Journey To Nowhere (1951)
Green Man's Grief (1951)
Glass Woman Of Venus (1951) [as by G. H. Irwin]
Scarpein Of Delta Sira (1951) [as by G. H. Irwin]
Of Stegner's Folly (1952)
Identity of Sue Tenet (1952) [as by Frank Patton]
The Dark Goddess (1953)
Paradise Planet (1953)

Dinosaur World (?) [as by Paul Lohrman]

After all this work researching "Wildman" Shaver, I guess i'm an honorary member of the (now defunked) "Shaver Mystery Club", but I must say, i'm a bit "Shaver-ed out"...
too much of a good thing and all that.
We will return to Shaver, Palmer et al. at a later date... OK?

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