Sunday, March 12, 2006

The horror.... THE HORROR!

Well, it would seem that my little blog thing here just gives me too much enjoyment for me to stay away from it for too long.... plus i love the fanmail! Seriously though, i was going through my files and found a whole bunch of things i'd already prepped that i kinda forgot about, but we all know that i'm the King of Whoopsville. Anyway - here's more stuff!
This is a lovely Pre-Code Harvey horror book with great art by Joe (Martian Manhunter) Certa and Bob Powell doing some nice Cold War propaganda work on "Communist". Sorry, but the second story "Rift of The Maggis" (a parody of the classic O. Henry Christmas tale "Gift of The Maggis") by Howard Nostrand isn't included in the pdf, but due to circumstances beyond our control.... blah, blah-blah, blah-blah....
Can't identify that artist on the cover story "The Closet", but his style fits the story... and that cover by Lee (Black Cat) Elias! Wotta gem!
Tomb Of Terror #11
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